Thursday, April 29, 2010

വര : The Reflection

Painting ?? NO :-)

Its a Collage (കൊളാഷ് ). Heard about collage from an article in a news paper.The guy used news paper cuttings to create picture's!! 
Thought, let me have a try. First attempt, a simple theme.

Initial task was to find magazines with good paper.Collected Hindu's FolioVanitha, The Week..from relatives, scolded from Amma for tearing her 'Vanitha' :-) 

Finding the perfect colors from the magazines was the Big Task. The Tree Wood in the picture is human skin colors.U can find human ears, fingers, nose etc in the original copy.
Started cutting the paper with scissors.While pasting, it appeared imperfect. Thus tried tearing it with appeared fine.Continued finding color, tearing, and pasting for more than a week..!! And the result is here.

Friday, April 9, 2010

വര : A Portrait in Pencil

The outline

The face in this sketch is a colleague of mine. The original photo is inset with the second picture. The portrait is three times larger than the original photo.

 The work last for five to six hours in total. The sketch dated 20-Mar-2010.


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